Help Me Eat Healthy!

helpMeEatHealthy, as well as geeksWhoCook, geeksWhoDiet and geeksWhoEat, were inspired almost 10 years ago. I was looking for a site where I could cut and paste an entire recipe, press one button, and get a best guess nutrition label based on recognized food nutrition databases. Fast. Accurately. Alas, every site required tedious clicking and choosing. Measurements were not logically inferred. Data was not always up to date. Food diaries were not FAST and mobile ready.

This site attempts to fill the gap...

Feel free to email me at The Programming Chef.

Track Your Eating

It has been shown that the best way to lose and manage your weight is to write down everything you eat.

Our Meal Diary is fast and mobile ready!

There are reports and graphs!

An instruction video will be available soon.

Food Flow

Is a food missing? Add it from the label on its packaging. Everyone can use it in recipes and meal diaries!

Is a sauce recipe used in a lasagna recipe? Recipes can be ingredients in other recipes!

Do you have a meal that you eat regularly? Add a personal menu (say, your typical dinner salad) to the meal diary, and use it over and over!